STEP # 1 - Fix Your Set-Up in the Rack
- Hands Slightly outside shoulders so your arms are perpendicular to the bar.
- Squeeze the bar as hard as you can.
- Make a fist like punching.
- Weight of the bar should be on the HEEL of your hand, not on your fingers.
- Spread your lats.
- Place Triceps on top of your Lats.
- Take a huge belly breath and brace your core.
- Unrack the bar.

STEP # 2 - The Walkout
- Hold the original breath you took before unracking the bar until your rep is complete.
- You get 3 Steps.  That's it.  You are working on limited air.
- You should still be squeezing the bar.
- Flex your butt to link up your posterior chain.

STEP # 3 - The Movement
- Move your body around the bar, not the bar around your body!
- Pack your neck (like a double chin) or flip your chin.
- Open the window and push your head out of it.
- Keep the bar over the middle of your foot for the entire movement.
- DON'T lean backward!
- Push to a point 3/4 of the way on the back of your head.
- Direct the pressure "up" & "out" to create a big "Y".
- Punch your head through as soon as possible.
- If you are doing Multiple reps.  Get as Many presses as possible on your original breath.  once you run out of air, re-breathe at the top of the rep, brace...and get more reps.