“Commitment is doing what you said you would do, far after the mood you said it in has left you.”

WEDNESDAY, 11SEPTEMBER2019 - Work For Today

Wave 2/Week 7/Day 2

CONDITIONING - Tabatas (:20 Seconds Work / :10 Seconds Rest for 8 Rounds) - Finish ALL 8 Rounds (4:00 Minutes) At each Station before taking your rest and moving onto the Next Station

8 Rounds (4:00 Minutes) Tabata Air Assault Sprints, Rower or Prowler Push

Rest 1 Minute

8 Rounds (4:00 Minutes) Tabata Battle Ropes or Bodyweight ManMakers

Rest 1 Minute

8 Rounds (4:00 Minutes) Tabata Kettlebell Swings or Burpee Pull-Ups

Rest 1 Minute

STRENGTH - 5 Rounds - Adding Weight Everywhere you are able to

8 Single Arm T-Bar Rows or Meadows Rows (Each Side)

2 Log Clean & Presses (Clean Every Rep) - (Aim to break 90% at Some point)

3 Atlas Stone to Shoulder (Near Bodyweight)

:60 Seconds Flutter Kicks

No Rest Between Exercises.  Stay Focused. Rest as long as it takes you to add weight. 

ASSISTANCE - 10, 8, 6, 8, 10 Reps of (Manipulate weight accordingly)

Close Grip Swiss Bar Incline Presses - HEAVY

Dumbbell Lateral Raises - Moderate

100 Foot Single Arm DB or Bottom’s Up KB Waiter’s Walk (Each SIde)


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