"If I am always standing at the bottom of the mountain longingly looking up, in all probability it is because I have heeded the pillaging dogma of mediocrity which persistently tells me that the dream is not worth the climb." --Craig D. Lounsbrough

SATURDAY, 20JULY2019 - Work For Today


CONDITIONING - Bring Sally Up Burpees

When the song says, "Bring Sally Up" Stand and Jump.  When it says, "Bring Sally Down" Drop into the bottom of Push-up position without letting your chest touch.  Stay there until you are instructed to get back up.

Feel Free to do This with Pull-Ups or Push-Ups, Dips or Weighted Squats in Place of the Burpees.  

But we are trying to get the Conditioning done Fast before the Heat kicks in…


Lower Body PRs Monday people. I know many of you feel you got in a fight with a Hippopotamus, so if you need the rest, take it. 

If you want to make up a PR or go for something, do it.

Just remember that everything cost something and you're not going to win everywhere. Make your choices wisely! Monday is Lower Body PRs!

_____________________________________________________________________                 -dieEMPTY-