"Integrity is the antithesis of compromise and the sworn enemy of comfort. It bases its decisions not on how much discomfort we might be able to avoid, but on how much we need to avoid the compromise of comfort." --Craig D. Lounsbrough

MONDAY, 18MARCH2019 - Work For Today

Wave 2/Week 6/Day 1

STRONGMAN CONDITIONING - As many rounds as possible in eight minutes.

Load farmers handles with 65% of your one rep maximum and set a clock.

Take has little or as much rest as needed but complete as many 100 foot farmers walks as possible in eight minutes.

STRENGTH - 5 Rounds - Adding Weight Everywhere you are able to

3 Circus Dumbbell Cleans Each Side - (Clean ONLY) - 2 Hands on DB

5 Deadlifts (Aim to break 80-85% during one of your top Sets - go heavier if you can)

5 Burpee Lateral Jumps

100 Foot Sandbag Carry (Near Bodyweight)

10 Dragon Flags

No Rest Between Exercises.  Stay Focused. Rest as long as it takes you to add weight. 

ASSISTANCE - 20, 15, 10 Reps of

Rack Puils (Just Below the Knee) - HEAVY

T-Bar or Corner Barbell Rows - Heavy

Glute Ham Raises or Reverse Hyper

:30 Seconds Face Pulls Between Rounds

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