"Ours is not an age that wants heroes. Ours is an age of envy, in which laziness and self-involvement are the rule.  Anyone who tries to shine, who dares to stand above the crowd, is dragged back down by his lackluster and self-appointed 'peers'.  

We need a great rebirth of the heroic in our world.  Every sector of human society, wherever that may be on the planet, seems to be slipping into an UNCONSCIOUS chaos.  Only the CONSCIOUS, exerting all its might, will be able to stop this slide toward oblivion.  Only a massive rebirth of courage in both men and women will rescue our world."  --Robert Moore

WEDNESDAY, 27FEBRUARY2019 - Work For Today

Wave 1/Week 3/Day 2

CONDITIONING - 5 Minutes - Light & Fast People

:20 Seconds Dumbbell Thrusters (Shooting for 9+ Reps a round)

:10 Seconds Dumbbell Man Makers (Shooting for 2+ Reps a round)

…All of you are underestimating how horrible this is. 

STRONGMAN GIANT SET - 4 Rounds - Adding Weight Everywhere you are able to

8 Random Grip Pull-Ups or Chin-Ups

8 Circus Dumbbell Clean & Presses (Aim to break 75%) - Odd Rounds Left - Even Rounds Right

:15 Second Battle Rope (SPRINT)

4 Log Cleans (Clean Only - As Heavy As Possible) - Each Rep From Floor not Lap

25 Double Unders or :60 Seconds Jump Rope

No Rest Between Exercises.  Stay Focused. Rest as long as it takes you to add weight Between Rounds. 

ASSISTANCE - At the Top of Every Minute for 10 Minutes

3 Pull-Ups (5 Inverted Rows if Necessary)

6 Dips (10 Bench Dips if Necessary)

Hollow Rocks for the Remainder of the Minute

FINISHER - For 5 Minutes.

Bottom’s Up Kettlebell Walks. (Singe Arm)

Switch Arms as Often as Needed.

Do not rest between transitioning arms. 

Choose the correct weight and this will make you unhappy. 


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