"We do two things here. We work Hard and We win. The Reason we win i that we work hard. So really, we do one thing here. And if you are not willing to work hard, then don't waste our time."

MONDAY, 10SEPTEMBER2018 - Work For Today
Wave 1/Week 2/Day 1

STRONGMAN CONDITIONING - 5 Rounds Farmer’s Carry Ladder

There will Be 8 Pairs of Farmer’s Handles Set up. You will begin at the lightest one.
Pick Up the Handles, Carry them 50 Feet, put them down and transition to the next heaviest set of Handles.
Pick Those up and continue down the line.
But as soon as you drop the lightest Set, the next athlete behind you picks them up and starts chasing you.
Don’t slow down.
Continue to progress until you get to the handles you cannot complete.

Get back in line and it starts again.
5 Rounds.

BUILD - You Have a STRICT 12 Minutes to work up to 80%-85% of Your 1RM Deadlift. Once you are there, Drop back the weight and begin your rounds.

STRENGTH - 18 Minute Time Cap (PULL THESE PERCENTAGES FROM YOUR TRUE 1RM’s. Not what you just worked up to during the “Build” Phase. )

Round 1
5 Box Jumps (Moderate-High)
As Many Deadlifts as possible @ 75% of Your 1RM (Goal 9+)
10 Dragon Flags

Round 2
5 Box Jumps (Moderate-High)
As Many Deadlifts as possible @ 70% of Your 1RM (Goal 12+)
10 Dragon Flags

Round 3
5 Box Jumps (Moderate-High)
As Many Deadlifts as possible @ 65% of Your 1RM (Goal 15+)
10 Dragon Flags

Once You Grab the Bar, Do Not Release it Until The Complex is Complete
6 Snatch Grip Deadlifts (Heavy)
10 Snatch Grip Shrugs
:30 Seconds Snatch Grip Holds (Just standing and Holding)
Strict 1:00 Minute Rest

…If you Chose your Deadlift weight Correctly, this will be extremely taxing for your Back, Traps and Grip. Manipulate the weight each Round to make it appropriate.

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