"You can make mistakes, but you're not a failure until you start blaming others for those mistakes." --John Wooden

SATURDAY, 19MAY2018 - Work For Today
Wave 3/Week 9/Day 6

CONDITIONING - In Teams of 4
All Reps of One Exercise must be completed before moving onto the next.  Only one team member exercising at a time. First Team done wins

100 Pull-Ups
200 Sit-Ups
250 Push-Ups
300 Squats
100 Burpees

At the top of every minute for 10 Minutes, Complete:
3 Bench Presses @ 70% of your 1RM
12 Hollow Rocks

ASSISTANCE - 5 Rounds of the Following Giant Set
20 Barbell Rows (As Heavy As Possible)
20 Barbell Shrugs (As Heavy As Possible)
10 Dumbbell Incline Bench Presses
10 Dragon Flags
:90 Seconds Rest

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