"I was wholly fulfilled. Most people never get there.  They're afraid or unwilling to demand enough of themselves and take the easy road, the path of least resistance.  But struggling and suffering, as I now saw it, were the essence of a life worth living.  If you're not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you're not constantly demanding more from yourself - expanding and learning as you go - you're choosing a numb existence.  You're denying yourself an extraordinary trip." --Dean Karnazes

SATURDAY, 07APRIL2018 - Work For Today
Wave 1/Week 3/Day 6

CONDITIONING - At The Top Of Every Minute For 10 Minutes
2 Burpees
3 Pull-Ups
5 Push-Ups
10 Squats
The Faster You Move, the More Rest You Get!

At the top of every minute for 10 Minutes, Complete:
3 Bench Presses @ 60% of your 1RM
12 Hollow Rocks

ASSISTANCE - 5 Rounds of the Following Giant Set
12 Barbell Rows (As Heavy As Possible)
12 Dumbbell Shrugs (As Heavy As Possible)
10 Dumbbell Incline Bench Presses
10 Dragon Flags
:90 Seconds Rest

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