"An excuse starts as a protective measure.  It shields us from pain, saves our pride, keeps our ego from getting punctured, allows us to obscure the brutal truth.  That feels like a relief at first.  We avoided the pain. 

Then we lay another excuse on top of the first.  Then another.  Excuses make us feel safe. So we think, why not add another?  Soon enough, you're wearing excuses like a knight wearing armor...But how fast do you think you could run wearing a suit of armor?  How well could you climb a mountain? How well could you swim across a lake? How well could you hug your kids? 

Excuses protect you, but they exact a heavy cost.  You can't live a full life while you wear them." --Eric Greitens

MONDAY, 30APRIL2018 - Work For Today
Wave 3/ Week 7/ Day 1

:30 Seconds Sledgehammer Swings
:30 Seconds KB Gobet Squats (Explosive - Feet Slightly Leave Ground) 
:30 Seconds Burpee Broad Jumps
:30 Seconds Rest

STRENGTH - 5 Rounds
2 Squats @ 90% of your 1RM
1:00 Minute Plank
200 Meter Sprint Carrying a Medicine Ball or 150 Foot Bear Walk

MINDSET - In Teams of 4 - 1 Barbell Per Team
Your Team Must complete 30 Trips Across the Gym or 10 Minutes of Barbell Lunges... Non-Stop.  
Go in any Order you want or as many times as you want. 
Back Knee MUST touch the ground every rep for the rep to count. 
Barbell Cannot touch the Ground or a rack.  
You have teams of 4 People. You are the rack. 
You will be timed.  First team to 30 Trips Wins.  
NEVERsate@Gmail.com              -dieEMPTY-