"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself." -DH Lawrence

FRIDAY, 28SEPTEMBER2017 - Work For Today

CONDITIONING - For 8 Minutes
Odd Minutes: Max Reps Burpee Bar Touches
Even Minutes: Max Reps DB/BB or PVC Walking Lunges

STRENGTH - It's the Last day of the Program, so you can PR in anything you want. But we will be running it in this Fashion:

Move 10,000 lbs with Single Reps in as little about of time as possible. 
Choose a Squat Variation
A Strongman Variation
Another Strongman Variation
...Add weight every round until you work up to a PR for the Day on All 3 Lifts. You may want to choose something you have never done before.  Just have fun.   

An Example Round would be:
Duffalo Bar Squat @ 500lbs
50 Foot Yoke Carry @ 700lbs
Tire Flip @ 500lbs
TOTAL: 1,700lbs Moved that round. Then you would add weight and go again. Find some new PRs, Have some fun, and Move some heavy things... 
______________________________________________________________            -dieEMPTY-