"The generality of mankind is lazy. What distinguishes men of genuine achievement from the rest of us is not so much their intellectual powers and aptitudes as their curiosity, their energy, their fullest use of their potentialities. Nobody really knows how smart or talented he is until he finds the incentives to use himself to the fullest." --Sydney J. Harris

FRIDAY, 08DECEMBER2017 - Work For Today
Wave 3/Week 10/Day 5

Get a MouthFul of Water, then for 10 Rounds Complete:
At the Top of Every minute
3 Bodyweight ManMakers
20 Kettlebell Swings
At the End of the 10 Minutes, Spit the Water Out
...You are going to feel like you are drowning...  You aren't. Keep working. 

ANY Strongman Movement you want to PR in!  
Some Variations to Consider:
Loading Events
Carry Events
Grip Events
Max Hold Events
Tire Flips
Yoke Events

Use these Jumps: 
3 Reps @ 50% of Your 1RM
3 Reps @ 62% of Your 1RM
3 Reps @ 75% of Your 1RM
2 Reps @ 80% of Your 1RM
1 Rep @ 90% of Your 1RM
1 Rep @ 95% of Your 1RM
1 Rep @ 102% of Your 1RM
BONUS: 1 Rep @ 104% of Your 1RM Only go for this if your 102% went very smoothly. 

Between Your Attempts, Complete:
10 Dragon Flags
10 Good Mornings
:30 Seconds Battle Ropes

Set 1: As many (Whatever) as Possible @ 80% of your 1RM
10  Dragon Flags
Set 2: 5 (Whatever) @ 80% of your 1RM
10 Dragon Flags
Set 3: 5 (Whatever) @ 80% of your 1RM
10 Dragon Flags
Rest up for Monday's PRs! 
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