"The art of the hero wasn't about being brave; it was about being so competent that bravery wasn't an issue.  You weren't supposed to go down for a good cause; the goal was to figure out a way not to go down at all. Achilles and Odysseus and the rest of the classical heroes hated the thought of dying and scratched for every second of life.  A hero's one crack at immortality was to be remembered as a champion, and champions don't die dumb.  It all hinged on the ability to unleash the tremendous resources of strength, endurance and agility that many people don't realize they already possess.”  Christopher McDougall, Natural Born Heroes

WEDNESDAY, 05AUGUST2015 - Work For Today
Wave 1/Week 2/Day 3

CONDITIONING - For 10 Minutes
Odd Minutes: Max Effort Burpee Lateral Jumps
Even Minutes: Max Effort Squat Cleans

STRENGTH GIANT SET - 4 Rounds, All exercises should be performed as heavy as possible.
8 Front Squats
8 Log Cleans or Axle Continental Cleans
20 Kettlebell Swings
8 Full Contact Twists (Each Side)

EVENTS - 5 Rounds of Atlas Stone Shouldering Ladder Races
Line up 5 Stones, each heavier than the previous one. 
Begin with the lightest stone.  At the command of "Go" Shoulder the first stone.  Once you have received a "Down" command, drop the stone and move onto the next.  Time stops when the last stone hits the floor.  

Try to beat your previous time each round.    
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