"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." --Edmund Burke

"Character is not just who we think we are and what we stand for - it's what we demonstrate to the world.  intentions are not enough; our actions define who we truly are.  In this way, nothing changes in your life util you change your behavior." --  Brendon Burchard

FRIDAY, 14JULY2015 - Work For Today
Wave 1/Week 3/Day 5

CONDITIONING - At the Top of Every minute For 10 Minutes, Complete
3 Overhead Squats
4 Push-Up / Sit-Throughs 

STRENGTH - 4 Rounds, All exercises should be performed as heavy as possible
8 Pull-Ups
8 Squats
50 Double Unders
EVENTS - 5 Rounds of the Following Press Medley
1 Log Clean & Press @ Bodyweight on the Log
1 Axle Continental Clean & Press @ Bodyweight on the Axle
As Many Circus Dumbbell Clean & Presses As possible for the reminder of the minute. @ 50% Bodyweight. 

***At the command of "Go", time will start and the athlete will quickly Clean and Press the Log. Once they have received a "Down" Command, they will immediately move onto the Axle Continental Clean & Press. Again, after receiving a "Down" Command they will finally move onto the Circus Dumbbell Where they will complete as many reps as possible for the remainder of the minute.  
Athletes must wait for the "Down" Command for the lift to count.
If you drop the implement after the press the rep will NOT count.
Your Score is the total number of Circus Dumbbell Clean & Presses you have accumulated at the end of the minute. Attempt to beat your number every round. 
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