"A 'smart body', Erwan explains, knows how to convert force and speed into an almost endless menu of practical movements.  Hoisting yourself atop a pole may seem trivial, but if you're ever caught in a flood or fleeing an attacking dog, elevating your body five feet off the ground can make all of the difference.  'I meet men all the time who can bench four hundred pounds but can't climb up through a window to get someone out of a burning building,' he continued. 'I know guys who can run marathons but can't sprint to someone's rescue until they put their shoes on first.  Lots of swimmers do laps every morning, but can't dive deep enough to save a drowning friend, or know how to carry him over rocks to get him out of the surf." --Erwan Le Corre

WEDNESDAY, 12AUGUST2015 - Work For Today
Wave 1/Week 3/Day 3

:30 Seconds Bear Walk Directional Sprints
:30 Seconds Rest

EVENTS - 10 Rounds - This is your entire day...Go heavier than you want to!
5 Tire Flips
5 Atlas Stone Over Bar (No Tacky)
5 Keg Clean & Presses
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