"Mediocrity is the companion of passivity and will not heed the call of great things. Courage is the companion of sacrifice and cannot help but heed the call of great things. And we are left of our own accord to choose one or the other." --Craig D. Lounsbrough

"Being our best is asking how can we take ourselves to the precipice of our own limits in any and every situation." --Craig D. Lounsbrough

THURSDAY, 30JULY2015 - Work For Today
Wave 1/Week 11/Day 4

CONDITIONING - Deck of Cards Workout
Complete the number of reps corresponding with the number on the card. Face Cards = 10 Reps, Aces = 11.

HEARTS: Pull-Ups
SPADES: Handstand Push-Ups
DIAMONDS: Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls
CLUBS: Burpee Lateral Jumps
JOKER 1: 4 Minute Plank
JOKER 2: 6 Rope Climbs 
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