"If your Nerve deny you - Go above your Nerve." --Emily Dickinson

"Maybe it's an issue of being unable or unwilling to realize that we can actually impact things sufficiently to change things, rather than seeing ourselves as being exiled to some distant side line of life where we can do nothing more than sheepishly root for a life that’s far too far away to touch." -- Craig D. Lounsbrough

SATURDAY, 25JULY2015 - Work For Today
Wave 2/Week 10/Day 6

CONDITIONING - Mini Complexes.  20 Minutes to work up to your heaviest set possible. 
3 Snatches.  On the last snatch, keep the bar at the top of the movement and complete 3 Overhead Squats.  After your last overhead squat, lower the bar to the ground under control and complete 3 Clean & Jerks (Each rep starting from the floor).  On your last C&J, keep the bar in front rack and complete 3 Front Squats.

Add weight to the bar and begin again.  You have 20 Minutes to go as heavy as possible.  

You have 40 Minutes to hit a new PR in whatever exercise you didn't get the chance to work on this week.  I know some of you were looking for a Bench Press PR, or you missed your chance at a yoke walk PR.  Whatever you were hoping to hit this week, feel free to try and set a new personal record.  You have 40 Minutes - next week is back to the grind, so make it worth it.  Good luck everyone!  

If you are interested in what is coming up next week, head over to the “Articles” section. The plan for the following few month’s of programming is laid out for you guys. Thanks Everyone! 
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