"Integrity is the antithesis of compromise and the sworn enemy of comfort. It bases its decisions not on how much discomfort we might be able to avoid, but on how much we need to avoid the compromise of comfort." --Craig D. Lounsbrough

WEDNESDAY, 22JULY2015 - Work For Today
Wave 2/Week 10/Day 3

8 Rounds of 100 Foot Prowler Races.
3 Athlete Teams.  First person pushes 100 Feet and turns the prowler. Next athlete pushes the sled back back and turns it.  Third man finishes the race.  
Rest approximately 1:00, then the first guy is back up.  
Change up personnel as needed to keep the races competitive and all team members can help turn the prowler on the ends.  

STRENGTH - Hit a new Overhead Press PR - 35 Minute Time Cap
Strict Press, Push Press, Jerk, Log, Axle, Keg, whatever…Pick whichever movement you feel most strongly about.  Work up to, and past, your current 1RM overhead press.
Between Attempts, complete:
30 Double Unders
8 Plate Around Head (Each Side)
5 Bodyweight ManMakers

Take as Many Rounds As Needed to hit a new 50 Foot Sled Drag PR
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