"You have to get up and do it for yourself. Get strong; get powerful. Be bold. Back yourself to the limit. Keep it simple. Be humble but proud. Throw away the handcuffs of fear and limitation. Be tenacious. Accept things for what they are by trusting perspective. Don't fall for selective hearing. Be brutally honest. Eliminate the grey areas; real honesty is black or white. Be loyal; you are either loyal or you're not loyal, there is no middle ground with loyalty. Be creative. Don't hesitate. Be prepared; don't leave things to chance. Trust the instincts of your heart and stomach. Smile in the face of pressure. Be courageous. Show respect; and earn it. Enjoy tranquility, peace and silence. Don't make excuses. Welcome adversity and learn from its lessons. Look after your mind, body and soul. Be kind, helpful, loving and honest. Enjoy other's successes. Never waver from your values and principles. Don't let your ego ruin you. Be single-minded and determined but never selfish or arrogant. Don't complain or whinge. Be positive and optimistic. Laugh. Don't be scared to show your emotions. Never get bored; there is no bigger insult you can give yourself. Cherish your friendships. Ask lots of questions. Be willing to listen. Never give up. Walk with your head high and your chest out. Tell people you love them; don't leave it until it is too late. Talk to yourself like the best coach would talk to you. Be inspired. Be happy. Don't worry; worry gets you nowhere. Aim high. Never look down. Control the controllables. Learn from the best. See the sunrise. Do right, not wrong. Don't be afraid. Be disciplined. Take your opportunities. Aim for a tight mind and a loose body. Go forward." --Justin Langer

THURSDAY, 16APRIL2015 - Work For Today
Wave 1/Week 6/Day 4

CONDITIONING - As Fast As Possible
100 Pull-Ups
100 Glute Ham Raise Sit-Ups
100 Deficit Push-Ups

EVENTS - 12 Rounds
50 Foot Timed Yoke Walk.  
If your 50 foot time was below 9 Seconds, add weight for the next round. 
If your 50 foot time was above 11 Seconds, decrease weight for the next round. 
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