"Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so." --Charles de Gaulle

"The man who does not do his own thinking is a slave, and is a traitor to himself and to his fellowmen." --Robert G. Ingersoll

FRIDAY, 27FEBRUARY2015 - Work For Today
WAVE 4/Day 5

At the Top of Every Minute For 12 Minutes
100 Foot Yoke Walk @65% of Your 1RM

Floor Press:  Load a Bar with your bodyweight using noting but smaller plates. (10’s, 5’ 2.5’s) Complete 10 Reps, Strip some weight.  Complete 10 Reps, strip some weight.  Continue to do this until you complete 10 reps with nothing but the bar.  If this is too easy, begin to work your way back up.

STRENGTH GIANT SET: 7 Rounds, Adding weight every round
1a. 3 Farmer’s Handle Deadlifts
1b. Max Effort Ring Inverted Rows
1c. Glute Ham Raise Sit-Ups
1d. 30 Double Unders or 120 Regular Jumps
Rest :90 Seconds
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