"Most humans, in varying degrees, are already dead. In one way or another they have lost their dreams, their ambitions, their desire for a better life. They have surrendered their fight for self-esteem and they have compromised their great potential. They have settled for a life of mediocrity, days of despair and nights of tears. They are no more than living deaths confined to cemeteries of their choice. Yet they need not remain in that state. They can be resurrected from their sorry condition. They can each perform the greatest miracle in the world. They can each come back from the dead..." --Og Mandino

WEDNESDAY, 18FEBRUARY2015 - Work For Today
Wave 3/Day 3

CONDITIONING: Tabata Protocol = :20 Seconds Work / :10 Seconds Rest for 8 Rounds
8 Rounds of Tabata Medicine Ball Slams
Rest 1 Minute
8 Rounds of Tabata Jumping Squats 
Rest 1 Minute
8 Rounds of Tabata Battle Ropes
Rest 1 Minute
8 Rounds of Tabata Gator Walks
Rest 1 Minute
8 Rounds Tabata Russian Twists

STRENGTH GIANT SET: 5 Rounds, Adding weight every round
1a. 3 Squats
1b. 3 Continental Clean & Presses with a 2" Axle (1 Clean, 3 Presses)
1c. 8 Windshield Wipers (Each Side)

ACCESSORY GIANT SET: 3 Rounds, Adding Weight Every Round
1a. 5 Stiff Legged Deadlifts
1b. 8 Glute Ham Raises
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