"There's a lot of mediocrity being celebrated, and a lot of wonderful stuff being ignored or discouraged." --Sean Penn

"I do not believe in excuses. I believe in hard work as the prime solvent of life's problems." --James Cash Penney

WEDNESDAY, 11FEBRUARY2015 - Work For Today
Wave 2/Day2

CONDITIONING: As Many Reps As Possible in 12 Minutes
3 Burpee Pull-Ups
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
5 Box Jumps
10 Bodyweight Squats

STRENGTH GIANT SET: 7 Rounds, Adding weight every round
1a. 3 Squats
1b. 3 Clean & Presses (1 Clean, 3 Presses)
1c. 8 Windshield Wipers (Each Side)

ACCESSORY GIANT SET: 5 Rounds, Adding Weight Every Round
1a. 5 Good Mornings
1b. 8 Glute Ham Raises
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