"If you take responsibility for anything in your life, know that you'll feel fear.  That fear will manifest itself in many ways: fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, fear of hurt.  Such fears are entirely natural and healthy, and you should recognize them as proof that you've chosen work worth doing. Every worthy challenge will inspire some fear.

Proper fear is part of the package for responsible, adult living.  Today too many doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and well intentioned do-gooders want to reduce anxiety or eliminate fear from decision making.  But they've got it backward.  

Focus not on wiping out your anxiety, but on directing your anxiety to worthy ends.  Focus not on reducing your fear, but on building your courage - because as you take on more and more responsibility for your life, you'll need more and more courage." --Eric Greitiens, Resilience

WEDNESDAY, 11NOVEMBER2015 - Work For Today
Wave 1/Week 2/Day 3

CONDITIONING - :30 Seconds Work / :30 Seconds Rest for 7 Rounds of Bearwalk Directional Sprints
Start in front plank Bearwalk Position
When the coach says, "Forward" Spirt forward as fast as possible until they say, "left, backward or right". 
At that time, Immediately start sprinting (in bearwalk position) whatever direction was given until you hear a new course to follow.  
Do this for :30 Seconds, then take :30 seconds of rest  for 7 Rounds.

STRONGMAN EVENTS - 5 Rounds, All exercises should be performed as Heavy As Possible
50 Foot Farmer's Walk
4 Keg Clean & Presses (Clean Every Rep)
10 Knees to Elbows  

STRENGTH - 3 Rounds
15 Front Squats immediately followed by
7 Jumping Squats Holding a Medicine Ball
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