"Nothing fires the warrior's heart more with courage than to find himself and his comrades at the point of annihilation, at the brink of being routed and overrun, and then to dredge not merely from one's own bowels or guts but from one's discipline and training the presence of mind not to panic, not to yield to the possession of despair, but instead to complete those homely acts of order which Dienekes had ever declared the supreme accomplishment of the warrior: to perform the commonplace under far-from-commonplace conditions." --Steven Pressfield, Gates of Fire

SATURDAY, 24OCTOBER2015 - Work For Today

CONDITIONING - 6 Rounds of Complexes.  Complete ALL Reps of ALL Exercises before releasing the bar.

8 Deadlifts
8 Power Cleans
8 Front Squats
8 Push Presses
8 Back Squats
8 Good Mornings
8 Split Jerks
Run 400 Meters

You have 40 Minutes to find a new Bench Press, Incline log Bench Press or Floor Press PR.  You can use a Barbell, Log, Axle, Dumbbells, or anything else you want...  Choose whatever is most important to you.
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