"We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing." --Henry Cloud

Tuesday, 22JULY2014 - Work For Today

Complexes.  Complete ALL Reps of ALL Exercises before you release the bar.
8 Power Cleans
8 Front Squats
8 Push Presses
8 Back Squats
8 Bradford Presses
8 Good Mornings
8 Bent Over Rows
Run 400 Meters
Complete 8 Rounds of the above with 80% of your bodyweight on the Bar.

Then Load One Barbell and 1 2"Axle With 70% of your 1RM.  Then At the top of every minute for 10 Minutes Complete
3 Barbell Bent Over Rows
3 Flat Bench Presses (With the 2" Axle)
Use the remainder of the minute to rest.

Then Complete 5 Rounds, Adding Weight Every Round
:45 Seconds Battle Ropes
5 Single Arm Barbell Rows (Each Side – Hold onto the fat part of the bar)
5 Incline Log Bench Presses
2:00 Minute Plank


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