"Discipline is remembering what you want." --David Campbel 

"Avoiding the phrase 'I'don't have time' will soon help you to realize that you do have the time needed for just about anything you choose to accomplish in life." --Bo Bennett 

MONDAY, 24NOVEMBER2014 - Work For Today

CONDITIONING - 3 Minutes Work / 1 Minute Rest for 4 Rounds
5 Barbell Suitcase Deadlifts (Left Side)
5 Burpee Lateral Jumps
5 Barbell Suitcase Deadlifts (Right Side)
5 Burpee Pull-Ups

3 Sets of 8 Flat Bench Presses @ 70% of your 1RM.
:30 Seconds Static "L" Sit Holds & :60 Seconds Rest Between Sets

GIANT SETS - 5 Rounds, Adding Weight Every Round
50 Foot Farmer's Walk (Try to work up to a new 1RM)
5 Weighted Pull-Ups
5 Weighted Dips
10 Sprawl Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with a 2" Axle
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