"A big problem that a lot of general fitness trainees have is that they're like grass. Now, grass is wonderful; it bends and sways and never breaks. It can survive a tornado very well. 

The oak tree on the other hand, doesn't do so well, because it looks at a tornado and says, 'Bring it!' Sometimes the oak tree survives and sometimes the tornado breaks it in half. Athletes are like oak tress. They don't bend. They either rise to the occasion or they break." --Dan John 

THURSDAY, 20NOVEMBER2014 - Work For Today

Complete 100 Clusters (Squat Clean to Overhead Press) with 70% of your Bodyweight on the bar.  Every time you drop the bar, complete 8 Step-Ups onto a 24" Box as penalty. 

Work Up to a 2 Rep Maximum Snatch/Overhead Squat. Each Rep should start from the floor.  Snatch the bar to overhead position, perform 1 Overhead Squat and return the bar to the deck. 
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