"Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even." 
-Muhammad Ali


Thursday, 23January2014


40 Reps of " Burpee/Push-Up/Jumping Jack/ Sit-Up/Handstand Combo" in Less than 10 Minutes. For every rep you are short, complete a Burpee Pull-Up in its place as penalty. 

1 Rep = Complete a Burpee, Drop and complete a Push-Up, stand and complete a Jumping Jack, drop and complete a full Sit-Up (Arms extended above your head), stand and complete a 1 Second Handstand Hold.


Then, :30 Seconds Work, :30 Seconds Rest for 10 Minutes of Rowing Sprints. Try to reach at least 2000 Meters.


Then 5 Rounds, Adding Weight Every Round

5 Deficit Deadlifts

10 Dragon Flags

5 Weighted Pull-Ups

10 Plate Around Head

5 Dumbell Overhead Presses

5 Single Arm Dumbbell Snatches (Each Side)

5 Single Arm Dumbbell Swings (Each Side)


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