"...On this day I don't care if I die today because I've given everything I could possibly give, that you've given me, to somebody else.

I've lifted them up.

I've taken my heart and I've put it in their soul to drive them to success ; and on this day I'm okay with death because today I'll die a champion."

   -Mike Barwis


09December2013...For Mike


Load A Barbell with your bodyweight + 150lbs, then complete 6 Rounds

8 Deadlifts (With the above weight)

Sprint 300 Meters Holding a 25lb Medicine Ball


Then 5 Rounds

20 Squats

20 Lunges

20 Jumping Lunges

20 Jumping Squats

10 Heavybag Get-Ups (5 Each Side)


Then Load A Barbell With Your Bodyweight.  At the top of every minute add 2 Squats.

Minute 1: 2 Squats

Minute 2: 4 Squats

Minute 3: 6 Squats

Minute 4: 8 Squats

Keep this pattern up until you get to 10 Minutes/20 Squats.


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