"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." 
-Ayn Rand


Tuesday, 31December2013


8 Minutes of Continuous Farmer's Walks with the Heaviest Dumbbells you can find.  But Every time they touch the floor Complete 4 Sprawl Heavybag Flips as penalty, then immediately pick the dumbbells back up and keep walking.

Then Load a Barbell up with your Bodyweight + 20lbs and complete as many Clean & Presses as you possibly can in 10 Minutes time.  Shoot for a goal of 60 total reps.  For every rep you fall short complete 2 Burpees in its place.  

Then, 5 Rounds Adding Weight Every Round

5 Weighted Chin-Ups

5 Weighted Dips

10 Floor Wipers (Each Side)

40 Meter Bear Walk Plate flips

40 Double Unders


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