NEVERsate Athletics is a Strongman, Powerlifting and Sports Conditioning Gym located between the cities of Westminster and Eldersburg, Maryland. 

"I will do today what others won't, so that I can do tomorrow what others can't."

-Jerry Rice

A Declaration For Change


For many years scientist, biologist, and runners all agreed that the human body was incapable of covering the distance of a mile in no less than four minutes.  Although coming close, no one in history had ever conquered such an astonishing feat.  Then one day a young man entered the scene, one who refused to believe in the impossibility of what all the “experts” were saying…  

On May 6, 1954, Roger Banister ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59 seconds.

Once one man had dominated the world’s view of the inconceivable, many other runners, who had previously labeled the four minute mile as “impossible”, broke this mythic standard; along with all of the glass ceilings they let their fears and other’s ideas build above them…

When questioned about how he was able to perform such an amazing feat, Banister replied, "The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win."


Since the beginning of time, inhabitants of Earth have stared at the majestic peak of Mount Everest with awe and wonder.  It was a place where God’s dwelled and men died.  But when Edmund Hilary first peered upon the world’s tallest and most dangerous mountain; he only saw a challenge to be met.  Choosing to make his own history, on the 29th of May in1953, Sir Edmund Hilary became the first man ever to reach the summit of Everest.

Before leaving for this journey, a particularly crass reporter queried Hilary about his motives for risking life and limb to just simply climb a mountain. After looking up at the summit of Everest, Hilary’s response was a laconic,

“Because it’s there.”


Where have men like these gone?  Where has that spirit gone?

Something, somewhere, has gone terribly wrong.


We live in a soft and broken world where our every wish is literally at our fingertips.  Our sense of adventure, thirst for danger, and need of accomplishment is buried deep beneath a blubbery layer of convenience and mediocrity.  We have lowered our standards time and time again in order to protect emaciated egos and non-existent self-reliance. As a culture, we have surrendered our spines, sold our souls, and traded our God given rights for the likes of reality TV and political correctness.

 Respect for ourselves, much less for others, has been eradicated in an orgy of selfishness and greed; while lost ancient ideals of chivalry and courage are devoured in a slumber far too deep; Only to be replaced by frivolous lawsuits and actions of cowardice.     

I, for one, am disgusted by what we have become, and my spirit longs for a time when your word and your honor stood for something more.  We were made for greatness, but we continue to settle behind half-truths and useless excuses, building walls and masks, hoping that no one will see who we truly are underneath.


It is time for a change.


We can be that change.


Cancer is one of the most terrifying, horrible things that I can think of on this entire creation.  It starts small, from the inside and begins to infect and destroy the world around it until the world around it doesn’t even recognize its old self---it is new. The old cells are gone, only the cancer remains.  Then it spreads.

 I want to be cancer…

I want to be part of something greater than myself, where those around me refuse to let me be “normal”. I want to challenge myself insatiably. I want to kill the old me every single day, and have a new me rise from the ashes renewed, stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. I want to be so intimate with being pushed to and past all of my preconceived limits that pain, suffering and accomplishment gain new definitions in my mind and seem ludicrous—even manic to the world around me. I want to suffer beautifully, in a manner which is befitting an heir to such an amazing gift.

When words come out of my mouth, I want to be held accountable to them.  I want Valor, Honor and courage to be the traits which season my every decision and step.  I want loyalty; not only to others, but, maybe more importantly, to myself to be a rock upon which others know, without doubt, is an adjective attached to who I am.

I want my character to stand on my actions alone, rather than on the content of my speech. I want excuses, complaining and whining forever removed, not only from my mouth, but also from my mind.

I want the word sacrifice seared deep into my consciousness so that I can truly appreciate each and every moment I am given.

I want to saturate those I care about with all of the love I can produce, and show those I hate the compassion they may not deserve, but has been awarded me. I want to die each day empty, knowing that I gave my all, and then gave more, without regret or wish for anything else.

I want to know, for a fact, that I can make the impossible possible and I want to rip the preconceived, basterdized barriers out from underneath the feet of the culture around me.

I want the strength, power and perseverance to change this broken world, and I pray for the naivety to believe that I can.


Welcome to NEVERsate